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Borrowing Parts

So you want to borrow a couple parts eh? Sounds good. Borrowing Parts from The MESS could hardly be easier. We've basically divided our donated parts into two categories: scrap and inventoried.


Scrap doesn't mean useless! Far from it actually. Scrap parts are usually already used as part of a previous project and have not been dismantled. These include tons of circuit boards, wires and other small parts. They are totally free and you don't need to ask anyone before you take them. You can always find scrap parts in the bins in the Mechatronics Project Room (E3X-3155).


Inventoried parts are usually the more expensive parts and they have been recorded and stored away. You can still use them, but we want to keep track of them to make sure as many students get to use them as possible.

In order to get access to the inventoried parts you need to do two things:
- Check out the inventory page and decide what parts you want
- Book an appointment - Visit the MESS to check-out your part


Whenever you check out an inventoried part, you will be required to return it by the agreed upon date. Should you choose not to return the part, you will need to pay a mandatory fine for the amount listed on the part you have borrowed. Until such fine is paid, or the part is returned, there will be a service hold on your account. Fine amounts vary depending what part you choose, and are listed when you borrow each part. The purpose of the fine is to make sure that as many students get to use the parts as possible. If you choose to keep the part you borrow, the fine will get spent on purchasing new parts or equipment for the MESS.

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